Dynasty / Issuing Authority: Princely State
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Osmania Notes of Hydrabad were the only princely state notes to be issued in the Indian Subcontinent. These princely state currency notes were released in various interesting designs and denominations. Mintage World has well-categorized information about all kinds of Princely State rupees, with detailed descriptions and images.

Different governors like Fakhr-ud-Din Ahmad, Mehdi Yar Jung, Ghulam Muhammad, Liaquat Jung, Zahed Hussain etc. issued 1 Rupee Osmania Hydrabad notes. These were produced using machine made paper and its language panel was in Urdu. The 5 Rupees Osmania notes of Hydrabad issued in the year 1 Farwardi 1347 featured the signature of Fakhr-Yar Jung. One of the variants of a 10 Rupees Hydrabad princely notes featured the numeral in Telugu on right, Kannada below and Marathi in left, on the reverse. The Hydrabad Princely State 100 Rupees currency with the signatory Mehdi Yar Jung and the prefix QD-QK featured the numeral 100 in English & Urdu in top right corner as the watermark. The 1000 Rupees Hydrabad princely currency notes issued in the year 1 Aban 1334 featured the Numerals in 'Siyaq', Telugu, Marathi and Persian.

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