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British West African Pound

The currency of British West Africa was the British West African Pound. The British West African Currency Board was established in 1912 to control the supply of currency British West Africa colonies i.e.

Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. The first paper issues bore the name of the Currency Board and were issued in 2, 10 and 20 Shilling denominations.

These West African currency notes were first printed on 11th July, 1916 by Waterloo and two months later issued in Ghana and Sierra Leone. The printing of 1 Shilling note was authorized by the Bank of England in 1918 as the board could not meet the demand of silver coins during WWI. The 10 and 20 shillings notes were issued after 1918, until 100 shillings (5 pounds) notes were introduced in 1953. The last notes of 20 shillings were produced in 1962.