ANA World and Ancient Coins Platinum Night Highlights

18 Jul 2019  Thu

Heritage’s Platinum Night auctions will be organised at the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois on 15th August. Interesting examples from the Cape Coral Collection of German 3 Marks and the George H. Cook Collection of Canadian coinage will be offered.

Ancient rarities include the Syracuse Decadrachm by Euainetos, Selinus Tetradrachm, Labienus Denarius from Roman Empire graded AU and Alexandria Solidus of Justinian I from Byzantine in Mint State. Another highlight is one of the earliest coins featuring an inscription–the Phanes Stater from Ionia and an unpublished Gold 4-1/2 Solidi of Constans.

A “Sabara” gold ingot issued in 1814 under Portuguese rule during the Minas Gerais Gold Rush is something to look out for. A 6400 Reis commemorative coin issued in 1822 during the Coronation of Pedro I in independent Brazil is another rarity that’s being offered. Only 9 such coins are in private hands and this particular example is the second finest coin offered by Heritage. A 10000 Reis gold coin issued in 1922, graded MS64 will also be offered. Only six such coins were struck and this particular example is the finest known.

Britain’s most noted engravers, Benedetto Pistrucci and William Wyon had created new Crown designs after the Great Recoinage of 1816. A “St. George and the Dragon” Pattern Crown issued in 1817 and a metal Proof Piedfort Pattern “Three Graces” Crown issued in the same year during the reign of George III, designed by the same engravers, are being offered.

A Pattern 2 Guineas issued in 1768 for Georgia, graded NGC PR64, designed by Tanner offered at the auction is the finest example of its type. A big 10 Ducat coin from Lucerne issued in 1714, graded NGC MS63, a 5 Doppie gold coin from Sardinian issued in 1786, and a Quadrupla from Papal issued in 1694 offered during the auction belong to the Allen Moretti Swiss Collection.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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