2019 Britannia Coins from Royal Mint

15 Feb 2019  Fri

The Royal Mint released a 2oz gold Britannia coin on 8th February featuring the country’s most revered national symbol. In 2nd Century AD, a Roman Emperor named Hadrian had issued coins featuring Britannia for the first time. The symbol has been used on Britain’s coins since the reign of Charles II in the 17th century. It is believed that the history of Britain is deeply connected to the story of Britannia.

Royal Mail issues a new range of Britannia coins annually and this year, the coins were designed by David Lawrence. It features a fierce looking Britannia and a lion by her side. David had designed Britannia coins for 2018 as well. He took inspiration from the wonderful engravers from the past and tried to retain grace and grandeur. Elements such as the lion, shield and trident are constant in every Britannia design. He finally managed to create an Anglicized version of ancient Rome.

Every set comes in a Royal Mint branded case and an information booklet that shares interesting facts about the history of Britannia and coin design.

Image Courtesy: Royal Mint

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