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Silver Rupee of Lakshman Singh of Bijawar State

07 Feb 2019  Thu

Bijawar Princely state was located in the Bundelkhand region. Bijai Singh, one of the Gond's chiefs of Garha Mandla founded this state in the 17th century. Later it was conquered by Chhatarsal, the founder of Panna who was a Bundela Rajput.

The coinage history of this state is rare. Rulers of Bijawar have issued coins very infrequently. These coins are crude. Ratan Singh was a ruler who began a state coinage. He was succeeded by Lakshman Singh in 1833 and he ruled until 1847.

The above shown silver Rupee was issued during the reign of Laxman Singh. These types of rupees were struck at several mints in the area, including Panna, Bijawar, and Charkhari. Both obverse and reverse of a coin bore the Persian legend.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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