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150th Anniversary of State Opera Celebrated on Austrian Coins

21 Jan 2019  Mon

Austria released a special €5 copper coin to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the State Opera in Vienna. It’s a part of the country’s annual New Year’s coin series. The concept of Lebensfreude is elaborated through the reverse design. The idea reflects contentment, exuberance and lust for life. A dancer from Franz Dobiaschofsky’s painting, located near the main staircase of the opera house, is depicted on the coin. The dancer’s excitement is notable as she flies on her butterfly wings, enchanted by the beauty of music.

Construction of Vienna State Opera began towards the end of 1861. Architects August Sicard von Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll worked on the plan. The historic building was inaugurated on 25th May 1869. Mozart’s Don Giovanni was played as the first show, attended by chief guests, Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth.

The 8.9 grams coin has a diameter of 28.5 millimetres. Coins in Uncirculated condition can be exchanged for face value and 200,000 such coins are available. 50,000 Special Uncirculated coins come in separate packaging and can be bought for €18.60 each.

Image Courtesy: The Austrian Mint

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