Silver Drachma of Harshavardhana

21 Dec 2018  Fri

Emperor Harshavardhana or Harsha ruled northern India around 606 to 647 CE, he belongs Vardhana dynasty. His father Prabhakarvardhana defeated the Alchon Huna invaders. Harsha reign can be defined as a period of peace and prosperity which made his capital a cosmopolitan centre which attracted many thinkers, philosophers, artist and merchants. Famous traveller Xuanzang gave an elaborated description of Harsha time and administration.

To understand Harsha time a beautiful silver drachma issued by him is shown above. The obverse of this coin depicts the head of the king facing left with a simple crescent-shaped crown with a hint of Brahmi numerical on the left.

The reverse of this coin depicts fan-tailed peacock facing with head towards left with Brahmi legend ‘Vijitavanir Avanapati Sri Siladitya’.

Image Courtesy: Amit Udeshi

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