Ghiyat al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah

13 Dec 2018  Thu

Madurai Sultanate was a short-lived independent Muslim Kingdom based in the city of Madurai, today it is the part of the Indian States of Tamil Nadu. Ghiyat al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah was the fourth sultan to rule the Madura sultanate from 1340 to 1344 AD.

During the reign, he introduced gold, copper, and billon coins from Daulatabad mint. These coins were known as Dinar, Tanka, Jital, and Paisa. His coins depicted the Kings name on its obverse face while reverse showed the Arabic legend within a circle and triangular border.

The above-shown billon Jital was issued in his reign in 742 AH. The obverse of a coin showed the Arabic legend ‘al-Sultan al-'AzamGhiyath al-Dunyawa al-Din’. The reverse of a coin depicts the legend reading bottom to top ‘Muhammad Damghan Shah’ within a circle and date in words around.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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