Pony Express St Joseph expected to cover 40,000 dollars

26 Oct 2018  Fri

On 25th October 2018, Robert A Siegel commenced an Auction of the United States and Confederated Postal history. This sale contained many interesting specimens in its lot from Pony express, Utah Territory Mails with a specialized collection of 10c banknotes and many more. The most interesting among it is the 1860’s Pony Express St. Joseph cover.

This cover is in very good condition, it’s a wonderful Pony express cover with a clear strike of the St. Joseph Running Pony Oval. It was originated in New York, it carried on the westbound trip that left St Joseph on September 27th 1860 and arrived in San Francisco on October 7. It illustrates the 3000 miles loophole that allowed the mail to send in bundles from the east coast to St Joseph by mail with only 3c U.S postage.

Image Courtesy: findyourstampsvalue.com

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