Turul over Saint Stephens Crown Issue of Hungary

07 Aug 2018  Tue

The new definitive stamps of Hungary, produced between 1900 and 1916, are called the Turul and Saint Stephens Crown issue.

The Turul is a very large mythological bird, similar in appearance to a hawk. Emese, the wife of Ugyek, a descendant of Attila the Hun, had a dream in which a Turul appeared. The Turul told her she would give birth to a line of great rulers. Her grandchild, Arpad, became a great Magyar leader, and he is considered the founder of Hungary.

The Turul is one of the most important national symbols of Hungary. The Turul is usually depicted carrying the flaming "sword of God". The Crown of Saint Stephen or the Holy Crown of Hungary is the Byzantine Era coronation crown of Hungary. Combining these two Hungary issued a new series of definitive stamps between the years 1900 and 1916.

Between these years, twenty-six Turul and Crown of St. Stephen type stamps were issued. The stamps were issued with filler denominations ranging from 1Filler to 80 Fillers and feature a majestic Turul flying above the Crown of Saint Stephen. The stamps come with the name of the country “Magyar kir Posta” inscribed on the top and the denomination at the bottom. The actual value is stamped in black ink below the crown.

This issue has always been popular with worldwide collectors, as well as Hungarian stamp specialists.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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