Stamp depicting the Baal-Shamin temple

26 Apr 2018  Thu

The Ancient Monuments series of the Syrian Arab Republic, released on January 20, 1969, depicts the Baal-Shamin temple in Palmyra.

The Temple of Baal-shamin was an ancient temple in the city of Palmyra, Syria, dedicated to the Canaanite sky deity Baalshamin. The temple's earliest phase dates to the late 2nd century BC; its altar was built in 115 AD, and the temple was substantially rebuilt in 131 AD.

Under Byzantine rule, the temple was converted into a Christian church before being converted into a mosque in 1132. The mosque remained active until the 1920s when Franco-Syrian archaeological missions removed the post-classical additions to the site as part of a restoration process. The ruins were amongst the best preserved in Palmyra until August 2015, when Islamic State forces searching for hidden gold used explosives to demolish the site.

Image Source: Google Search

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