Kosala Mahajanapada

20 Apr 2018  Fri

Kosala was the ancient Indian kingdom, corresponding roughly in area with the region of Awadh (Oudh), present-day Uttar Pradesh. According to the Buddhist text Anguttara Nikaya and the Jain text, Bhagavati Sutra, Kosala was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas during the 6th Century B.C. Its cultural and political strength had earned a great power, on the bases of this it has emerged a powerful kingdom. However, in the later period, it was weakened by a series of warfare with the neighboring kingdom of Magadha.

The region of Kosala had three main cities Ayodha, Saket, and Shravasti. The mention of Kosala had also found in the epic like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas. The ruling family of the Kosala kingdom was descended from king Ikshvaku. The Ikshvakus were the ruling clan of Kosala (now Oudh or Awadh). They were defeated by Ajatashatru of the Haryanka dynasty.

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