Armenian Banknote Wins Regional Banknote of the Year

06 Mar 2018  Tue

The Regional Banknote of the Year for the EMEA region was given to an Armenian 500-dram collector’s note at the 2018 High-Security Printing (HSP) Conference in Warsaw.

Armenia is the oldest Christian country on Earth. The banknote celebrates the ship in which Noah’s family and all the animals were saved from a biblical flood. Noah’s Ark symbolizes rebirth of humanity as well as Armenian history.

This was Armenia’s first collector’s note. It comes with security features such as “Galaxy”, “LaserCut” and “RollingStar LEAD” security elements that blend well with the layout. The substrate and security features allow easy verification through their unique colour effects.

It is also Armenia’s first banknote release made of Hybrid Substrate from the Louisenthal paper mill. The cotton substrate is covered with polyester foils, making the notes more durable. The Central Bank of Armenia is planning to produce the entire new banknote series using the same substrate.

The annual award was introduced in 2014. Design, technical sophistication, and security in a banknote or banknote series are the various criteria on which the entries are evaluated.

Image courtesy: Central Bank of Armenia

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