1898 Trinidad Stamp Featuring Columbus in Demand

11 Jan 2018  Thu

For a very long time, Christopher Columbus was considered as a hero in America. Some historians have other views about him lately and consider his exploits as genocide. Even then, a many stamp collectors love collecting stamps featuring Columbus. One of the oldest and most beautiful commemorative stamps featuring Columbus was issued by Trinidad – a country situated in the Caribbean Sea, 7 miles off the shores of Venezuela.

Columbus discovered the island during his third voyage in 1498. It became a British colony in 1797 but now is a part of the independent republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

A bicolor 2-penny Landing of Columbus stamp was issued by Trinidad in 1898. It depicts Columbus and men getting down from a ship’s boat. It has a listed market value of $3.25 in unused hinged condition. Even though the stamp is not very rare, there is a good demand for them. A mint never-hinged example has a market value of $5.

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