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Sayyid Dynasty's Mubark shah’s Gold Tanka sold for INR 2,55,000

14 Nov 2016  Mon

Muiz ud din Mubarak Shah (AH 824-837; AD 1421-1434) was the son of Khizr Khan. He belonged to Sayyid Dynasty.

Sayyid Dynasty was founded by Sayyid Khizr Khan in the year 1414. It was the fourth dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, which succeeded the Tughluq dynasty.

Mubarak shah succeeded his father Khizr Khan. During the first seven years of his reign he did not issue any coin in his own name, and continued with posthumous types of Firuz Tughluq and Muhammad bin Firuz. Gold and silver coins issued by him are very rare.

One of his Gold tanka which weighs around 11.11gm was sold at the hammer price of INR 2, 55,000 at Rajgor’s Auction. This coin issued in the name of Muhammad bin Firuz was minted in the first year of his reign.

This very rare gold coin reads as “Al Sultan Al-Azam Abul Muhamud Muhammad Shah bin Firuz shah Sultan” on the obverse, and “Fi Zaman al-Imam Amir Al-Munin Khulidat Khilafatuhu” on the reverse with the date 824 written at the bottom.

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