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Early Christmas Wishes by Royal Mint

21 Oct 2016  Fri

UK issued the country’s first official £20 for £20 Christmas Coin which is minted out of a half ounce of .999 fine silver in brilliant uncirculated finish. The coin is designed by Gregory Kenneth Cameron who is a Bishop of the Anglican Church in North East Wales.

The reverse features Magi bringing gifts to baby Jesus along with the inscriptions THE NATIVITY, CHIRSTMAS 2016 and GKC for the bishop’s initials. Obverses feature the common portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the inscriptions 20 POUNDS, ELIZABETH II, D G REG F D and the artist Jody Clark’s initials JC.

The mintage limit of the 15.71 grams 99.9% pure silver brilliant uncirculated coin is 30,000. 3 coins can be ordered per household. The coin comes in a booklet for buyers to write Christmas wishes.

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