First Airmail Stamp of Liberia

18 May 2021  Tue

Liberia issued its First Independent Airmail stamps on 30th September 1936 to commemorate the first airmail flight of the country which took off on 28th February 1936 between Monrovia and Cape Palmas. It was sponsored by the Firestone Rubber Company with one of their airplanes, a single-engined Waco biplane.

The Liberian postal administration decided to celebrate the event in an appropriate manner with a new commemorative stamp set, to be issued later that year. On September 30, 1936, Liberia issued her first airmail set — showing a Ford Trimotor on six stamps printed by Perkins, Bacon & Company, London.

The stamps were triangular and were issued with six denominations ranging from 1 cent to 6 cents. The stamps are inscribed with Liberia Airmail on two sides and denomination at the bottom.

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