Nikita Khrushchev

24 Feb 2021  Wed

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was a member of the Soviet Union communist party, during the time of cold was, he was the part of the first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union between 1953 and 1954. He had also served as a chairman of council minister between 1958 and 1964.

Nikita Khrushchev was responsible for the de-Stalinization policy that had widespread repercussions throughout the communist world. In the year 1953, he became the premier of the Soviet Union after Joseph Stalin’s. Later, in 1956, he discusses a secret speech in which he discusses Stalin's crime for the first time, after which a process of de-Stalinization started. He was one of the primary players in the Cuban Missile Crises and oversaw the building of the Berlin Wall. After being pushed from power and retiring, he died several years later on September 11, 1971, in Moscow.

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