Ottoman Emperor Osman III died today

30 Oct 2020  Fri

Osman III was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire reigning from 1754 to 1757. He was born on January 2, 1639, to Mustafa II and Valide Sehsuvar Sultan at Edirne Palace.

His brief reign saw rising intolerance of non-muslim and is notable for a fire in Constantinople. Because he lived most of his life as a prisoner in the palace, he was nervous by the character. But, he was a gracious and merciful sovereign.

He died on October 30 in 1757, because of a boil in his body. He was buried near the tomb of Sultan Mahmoud. The above shown gold Zeri Mahbub was issued under his reign from Misr (Egypt) mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the legend in beautiful Toughra script. The reverse of a coin represents the Persian legend ‘Sultan al Barrain wa Khaqan al Bahrain; al-Sultan ibn al-Sultan’.

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