Henry I crowned King of England

05 Aug 2020  Wed

He was a good man, and there was great awe of him. In his day no man dared harm another” - The Peterborough Chronicle on Henry 1's character, 12th Century

Today on 5th August in the year 1100, Henry I crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.

King Henry - I was the youngest and most able son of William the conqueror. He strengthened the crown’s executive power, modernized royal administration, and reformed the finance of the English Government. Henry - I took action to buy support by granting favors, abolishing abuses and making wide-ranging concessions in his Charter of Liberties.

Many surviving coins of Henry - I today are difficult to read. The obverse of the coin consists of king’s bust facing left with the legend which reads “HENRI REX” means “King Henry” and on the reverse the name of the Moneyer and mint name below it with a typical cross design.

After his death, the Baron of England did not want to rule by a Women Matilda the daughter king Henry I. The political instability and succession crisis followed after that resulted in the Civil War.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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