World Snake Day

16 Jul 2020  Thu

Venomous or not, a snake creates panic and fright even among wild animals. In some cultures, a snake is a symbol of something vile and dark while some cultures worship the intimidating awe of the species. This fascinating creature, though aggressive and deadly, does not deserve the treatment given to it.

World Snake Day is an important day when it comes to increasing awareness about the different species of snake all around the world. Though snakes tend to have a negative connotation, they are great creatures and they are so important to the world that we live in. World Snake Day was created to help people learn more about these animals and how much they contribute to the world as we know it.

There are about 3,458 species of snakes known so far, ranging from the semi-frozen tundra of northern Canada to the steamy jungles of the equator and most of the world’s oceans. This predator species has been depicted on the Banknotes of Portugal.

Shown above is a 1989 banknote of Portugal with the denomination of 10000 Escudos. The banknote depicts an allegorical composition of life and death between benign and evil forces represented by three snakes and a tree in the reverse.

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