Hip hopping Stamps

19 Jun 2020  Fri

USPS has designed four stamps that revolve around the theme of Hip Hop. Since its inception more than four decades ago the electrifying music, dance, and art movement have profoundly influenced America and global popular culture.

The issues feature photographs taken by Cade Martin that depicts elements of hip hop culture as Mc-ing (rapping), B-boying (break dancing), DJ-ing, and Graffiti art. The stamps are designed by director Antonio Alcala. They are illustrated and highlighted with the intense yellow, green, red, and black color scheme. The bold and digital tinted image in the stamps is intended to appear in motion.

Hip Hop genre is so popular because it is more than just a genre. It is a culture that has influenced the world since the 1970s. These four elements altogether make up the culture which we call Hip Hop.

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Image Courtesy: rarestampsvalue

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