Timur captures Tbilisi

21 Nov 2019  Thu

Timur or Tamerlane is the most famous historical figure of central Asia. He was a Turko Mogol military leader, who conquered most of the Islamic world. Timur is famous for his invasion of India to Russia till the Mediterranean Sea.

There are very few conquerors that have inspired such terror as Amir Timur or Timour. In 1370 he founded the Timur Empire in Persia and Central Asia and ruled it till 14th February 1405. Till 1380 the whole of Central Asia was under him.

Today on 21st November in the year 1386, a huge army of Timur captures and sacks the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, taking King Bagrat V of Georgia captive.

The above shown silver Dirham was issued under his reign from Samarqand mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the Kalima. The reverse of a coin engraved king’s name and mint name.

Image Source: www.vcoins.com

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