Harana Stamp of Philippines

11 Sep 2019  Wed

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) released “Harana Stamp” on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day of the year 2018.

It is a traditional form of courtship music in which a man woos a woman by singing underneath her window at night until she comes out to either accept or deny him. The father of the girl will do all the talking and interrogate the suitor about his family history, aspirations, current economic status, and intentions with his daughter.

The Harana first gained popularity in the early part of the Spanish period. Its influence comes from Folk Music of Spain and the mariachi sounds of Mexico. It is widely practiced in many parts of the Philippines with a set of protocols, a code of conduct, and a specific style of music. The word Harana has derived from the Spanish string instrument of the same name. It resembles a guitar but is smaller in nature.

The “Harana Stamp” features a couple in Philippine national costumes with the boy serenading the girl, and holding her heart in acceptance. Designed by in-house layout artist Eunice Beatrix Dabu, the “Harana Stamp”, the stamp comes with the denomination 12 Piso and is designed with classic Valentine’s Day colors.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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