The Princely State of Radhanpur was established in 1693 by Khan Jahan, the founder of the Babi dynasty who was the son of the Nawab of Junagadh, Jafar Khan. In 1813 the state came under the authority of the British East India Company and later was a part of the Palanpur Agency of Bombay Presidency. Radhanpur currently is a municipality and a city in the Patan district in Gujarat state. It once belonged to the Vaghelas, also called Lunavada after the Vaghela Lunaji of the Sardhara branch. Subsequently it was held as a fief under the Sultans of Gujarat by Fateh Khan Baloch, and is said to have been named Radhanpur after Radhan Khan of that family. According to another tradition the town is as old as 546, and was originally called Radandevpur, from Radan Dev, a Chavda chief.

The first Babi entered Hindustan in the company of Humayun. Bahadur Khan Babi was appointed faujdar of Tharad in the reign of Shah Jahan. His son, Sher Khan Babi on account of his local knowledge was sent to aid Prince Murad Bakhsh. In 1693, his successor Jafar Khan, obtained the faujdari of Radhanpur, Sami, Munjpur and Tervada by his ability and local influence, with the title of Safdar Khan. In 1704 he was made governor of Bijapur (in Gujarat), and in 1706 of Patan. His descendent and son Khan Jahan, also styled Khanji Khan, received the title of Jawan Mard Khan and was appointed governor Radhanpur, Patan, Vadnagar, Vishalnagar, Bijapur and Kheralu.

Kamal-ud-din Khan, the next successor, usurped the governorship of Ahmadabad after the death of Aurangzeb, during the incursions of the Marathas and the subsequent collapse of imperial power. During his rule a branch of the family was able to establish itself at Junagadh and Balasinor. The founder of the Junagadh house was Muhammad Bahadur who was the first Babi of Balasinor, otherwise known as Sher Khan.

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