Porbandar princely state was located along the costal line of Arabian Sea and a part of the Kathiawar Political Agency. It was situated in the west of the peninsula of Kathiawar and had a shore of Arabian Sea. Porbandar harbour town was the capital of the state. During Jhetwa’s rule, Ghumli town was its capital city.

Topographically, the Porbandar State can be described roughly as a plain sloping from the Barda hills to the sea, drained by many rivers, the largest of which, the Bhadar, Sorti, Vartu, Minsar, and Ojat, were perennial.

The Rulers belonged to the Jethwa clan of Rajput. They claimed that their descent was from Pawan, ancestor of Hanuman. Forefathers of this dynasty arrived in Western India over 2000 years ago.

Earlier, they established Mayurpuri as capital. In 1307, the name of the state was changed to Ranpur and in 1574 it was re-named to Chhaya. Lastly, its name was kept Porbandar in 1785.

The state became a British protectorate on 5th December 1809. During Vikramatji Khimojiraj’s reign, several important events took place. Due to his mismanagement, the status of Porbandar was degraded from first class to third class state in 1869. Administration was taken over by the Bombay government in 1886.

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