The princely state of Makrai lay in the Central Provinces within the Harda tahsil of Hoshangabad District with an area of 155 square miles during the British Raj.

The ruling family belonged to the Raj Gonds and claimed a high antiquity of descent and jurisdiction extending in former times over the whole of the Harda tahsils. There is however no historical evidence in support of their pretensions and all that is known is that they were deprived by Sindhia and Peshwa of the forest tracts of Kalibhit and Charwa. The chiefs were given the title of ‘Raja Hatiyarai’ which was conferred upon them by the emperors of Delhi.

In December 1890 the British government took over Makrai State under the doctrine of lapse owing to mismanagement. Power was restored to the native ruler in (Raja Lacchu Shah alias Bharat Shah) 1893 under the condition that he appoint a Diwan (Minister) duly approved by the British Head Commissioner.

Makrai contained some rich villages in the open valley of the Narmada but a greater part of it was situated on the lower slopes of Satpura range. Makrai is presently a part of the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

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