Dholpur or Dhaulpur was a princely state situated in the easternmost state of Rajputana Province during the British Raj. This State’s early history is a blur. According to local tradition the Tonwar Rajputs who ruled at Delhi from about 792 to 1164 ruled this state. The western portion however, certainly belonged at one time to the Jadon Rajputs of Karauli. When Muhammad Ghori overthrew the Kingdom of Kanauj in 1194, he and his generals captured the forts of Bayana and Gwalior. In 1450 Dholpur had its own Raja or Rai who in 1487 came out to meet Sultan Bahlol Lodi.

. In 1500 the Rai's name was apparently Manik Deo; and Sikandar Lodi proceeded against him in person. He captured the fort of Dholpur in the following year and plundered the country. Within a few months the district was given to Vinayak Deo (possibly a son of the previous ruler), but in 1504 the command of the fort was transferred to a Muhammadan official.

The victory of the emperor Babar at Khanua (1527) this place was transferred to the Mughals, though Dholpur held out for a short time. Under Akbar the state formed a part of the province or subah of Agra. The capital was for many years the residence of imperial governors. In 1658 the battle for empire between the sons of Shah Jahan was fought out at Samogarh (near Agra), in which Aurangzeb proved victorious, and the gallant Rao Chhatarsal of Bundi was slain fighting on the side of Dara.

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