Brindaban or Vrindavan or Brindraban is presently situated in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh in India. This town has no political history but according to tradition it was the place where Lord Krishna passed most of his youth and with his consort Radha.

This town, the modern Vrindavan was not a princely state. The neighboring city of Brindraban including the city of Mathura was under the Jat control in the mid-18th century, although nominally subject to Awadh. After varying fortunes the area was passed to the East India Company in 1803-05 (i.e. AH1217-1220; VS1860-1862). The coins of this region display symbols of Awadh, Mughals, Delhi and Bharatpur, although according to Krause Mishler, it is clear that they were not mints of any of those authorities, especially in the British period.

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