Gold Unit (20 Ratti) 1/4 Tanka

Dynasty / Name of State : Delhi Sultan - Ghori

Ruler / Authority : Bakhtiar Khilji (General Of Muhammad Bin Sam)

Denomination : Gold Unit (20 Ratti) 1/4 Tanka

Metal : Gold

Shape : Round

Weight : 2.3

Type/Series : Horseman To Left With A Mace

Minting Technique : Die Struck

Issued Year : NA

Size : 18MM

History of Bakhtiar Khilji (General Of Muhammad Bin Sam)
By 962 CE, South Asian kingdoms were under invasions from Muslim armies of Central Asia and Persia. This was the beginning of Islamic Invasion of India. Mahmud of Ghazni was the first to invade. He raided kingdoms of the north-western region of India 17 times, but never established territorial rule. He plundered wealth from these regions and carried the loot back to Ghazni.

Muhammad bin Sam, popularly known as Muhammad of Ghor, was th...

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