Dynasty / Name of State : Deccan Sultanate (Bahamanis)
Ruler / Authority : Ala Al Din Humayun Shah
Denomination : Tanka
Metal : Gold
Weight (gm) : 10.8-11
Shape : Round
Types/Series : Al Mutawakkil Ala
Calendar System : AH (Anno Hijri)
Issued Year : 863
Minting Technique : die-Struck
History of Deccan Sultanate (Bahamanis)

Also known in history as the Deccan Sultanate, the Bahmani Sultanate was the first independent Islamic kingdom in South India. It was established by Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah in 1347 CE after successfully revolting against the Delhi Sultan, Muhammad bin Tughluq. The capital of the sultanate was at Ahsanabad (Gulbarga) till it was shifted to Muhammadabad (Bidar) in 1425 CE.

The Bahmani Sultanate was constantly at war with the Vijayanagara Empire for control of the Deccan Plateau. The sul...

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