1/2 Paisa

Dynasty / Name of State : Janjira Island
Ruler / Authority : Sidi Ibrahim Khan II
Denomination : 1/2 Paisa
Metal : Copper
Weight (gm) : 2.6-2.30
Shape : Round or Irregular
Calendar System : ND
Minting Technique : Die Struck
History of Janjira Island

The term ‘Janjira’ originated from the Arabic word Jazeera which means island. Janjira Island was ruled by Sidi dynasty of African descent and later came under the suzerainty of the Bombay presidency in 1870. Until 1924, the nawabs exercised suzerainty over Jafarabad of Kathiawar peninsula. It lies between Kundalika or Roha creek of Kolaba district in the north, Roha and Mangaon taluka in the east, Bankot creek of Ratnagiri district in the south and the Arabian sea in the west side. The tota...

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