Dynasty / Name of State : Bundi
Ruler / Authority : Anonymous
Denomination : Takka
Metal : Copper
Weight (gm) : 16.9-17.2
Shape : Round or Irregular
Calendar System : AH (Anno Hijri
Minting Technique : Die Struck
History of Bundi

In ancient times, various local tribes were inhabited in ancient Bundi. The Parihar Meena was a eminent community in this state. The term ‘Bundi’ can be traced from a former Meena king called Manan Shreshta. Earlier, it was called ‘Bunda-Ka-Nal’ which means narrow ways. Geographically, Bundi was located in Aravali Hills of Rajasthan. Later Rao Dev Hada took charge of it from Jaita Meena in 1342. So, they named it Haravati or Haroti. It was divided into two distinct states, Kota and Bundi...

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