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Turkmenistan Manat

On 1st November 1993 the Republic of Turkmenistan issued Turkmenistan manat as its currency replacing the Russian ruble. One Turkmenistan manat was equal to 500 rubles. Republic coins are divided into standard coinage and reform coinage. Turkmenistan coins were issued in denominations of 1 tenge, 5 tenge, 10 tenge, 20 tenge and 50 tenge. This series of Turkmenistan coins was short lived as their metal value soon become worth more than their actual face value. New Turkmenistan coins of 500 manat and 1000 Turkmenistan manat were minted after a period of high inflation. All these coins feature an image of the president by law.

New Turkmenistan coins were minted during the 2009 monetary reforms of 1 tenge, 2 tenge, 5 tenge, 10 tenge, 20 tenge and 50 tenge followed by 1 manat and 2 manat coins in 2010. These Turkmenistan coins depict a map of Turkmenistan with the Independence Tower superimposed in front of it. The Royal Mint issues all the Turkmenistan coins.

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