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Qatar Riyal

Qatar riyal is the official currency of the state and one Qatar riyal is divided into 100 Qatar dirhams. Modern Qatar currency is divided into two parts: State of Qatar as well as Qatar and Dubai. Prior to 1966, the Indian rupee, specifically the gulf rupee was the Qatar’s currency. India devalued the rupee to boost exports which caused Qatar and several other gulf countries to stop the use of the rupee. Qatar decided to issue its own Qatar coins and banknotes, however briefly adopted the Saudi Arabia Riyal before signing an agreement with Saudi Arabia in March 1996, which led to the introduction of the Qatar and Dubai riyal. In 1973, Qatar introduced its own currency – Qatar Riyal following Dubai’s entrance into the United Arab Emirates.

In 1966, Qatar dirham coins were introduced in 1 dirham, 5 dirhams, 10 dirhams, 25 dirhams and 50 dirhams. They depicted the emblem of Qatar on the obverse and the value on the reverse.

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