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Kazakhstani Tenge

The national currency of Republic of Kazakhstan was called Kazakhstani tenge and came into circulation on 15 November 1993. It is subdivided into 100 tyin. The Soviet ruble was in circulation before and was replaced at a rate of 1 kazakhstani tenge being equal to 500 rubles. The first series of Kazakhstan coins were issued in 2 tyin, 5 tyin, 10 tyin, 20 tyin and 50 tyin denominations featuring the national arms in bronze. 1 tenge, 3 tenge, 5 tenge, 10 tenge, and 20 tenge were minted in copper-nickel and depicted stylized and mythical animals.

The second series of Kazakhstan coins were introduced in 1998 which excluded 1 kazakhstani tenge coin. New issues comprised of 100 tenge Kazakhstan coins minted in 2002. A third Kazakhstan coin series came out in 2019 with same coin specifications and metallic composition as earlier series but with inscriptions in Latin based Kazakh instead of Kazakh-based Cyrillic. Commemorative Kazakhstan coins were issued in 20 tenge, 50 tenge Kazakhstan, 100 tenge, 500 tenge, 1000 tenge, 2500 tenge, 5000 tenge and 10000 tenge.

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