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Saudi Arabia Riyal

The Saudi Arabia Riyal has been one of the primary currencies of Saudi Arabia ever since it came into existence. Saudi Arabia Riyal was earlier the currency of Hejaz and the chief legal tender in the Mediterranean region during the Ottoman era. Since the first Saudi Arabia Riyal had same specifications as Hejaz riyal and circulated alongside Ottoman coins, it came to be worth 22 Ottoman kurus and was consequently into 22 ghirsh. In 1960, the monetary system was changed to 20 qirsh to one Saudi riyal. The introduction of the halala, one hundredth of a Saudi riyal came in 1963.

Saudi Arabia coins are divided into the following categories on Mintage World- Hejaz and Nejd, Hejaz and Mecca and United Nations. The first Saudi Arabia coins bearing the new name of the country appeared in 1935, when the silver Saudi Riyal, the half Saudi Riyal and the quarter Saudi Riyal, were put in circulation. The one qirsh, half qirsh and quarter qirsh Saudi Arabia copper coins did not bear the new name of the State until in 1937 when they were minted in the design of the older Qirsh and its subdivisions. Saudi Arabia gold coins or gold sovereigns were minted in 1370 AH and put into circulation the same year.

Saudi Arabia money underwent a significant change in 1963 when the Halala was introduced. It was struck only for one year. In 1972 cupro-nickel 5, 10, 25 and 50 halala were minted. A year later one Saudi Arabia riyal coins were minted which were also inscribed with value 100 halala. A new series of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 halala was issued in 2016 along with bi-metallic 1 and 2 Saudi Arabia riyal coins.

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