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Bangladeshi Taka

The currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi taka which is subdivided into 100 poisha. The term ‘taka’ is derived from Tanka, which is resulted from 'Tamgha' or 'Tamga' meaning seal or stamp in old Turkic. The word ‘taka’ in Bangla is also commonly used generically to mean any money, currency or notes. Thus, colloquially, a person speaking in Bangla may use "taka" to refer to money regardless of what currency it is denominated in.

After the partition of Bengal in 1947, Bangladesh (formerly East Bengal/Pakistan) started using Pakistani rupee which bore the word taka on Bangladesh coins and notes. The Bangladeshi taka came into use after 1972, year after its independence.

Coins from Bangladesh were introduced in denominations 5, 10, 25 and 50 poisha. The 1 poisha was introduced in 1974, while the 1 taka coin was minted in 1975. The Bangladesh coins were struck in aluminum (1 poisha, 5 poisha, and 10 poisha), steel (25 poisha and 50 poisha) or copper-nickel (1 taka coin). Currently, the poisha is seldom used, and only the 1 taka, 2 taka, and 5 taka coins are regularly circulated.

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