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Rare Old Jordan Coins

The Palestine Pound was Jordan’s official currency from 1927 to 1950 in both Mandatory Palestine and Emirate of Transjordan. After Jordan’s independence in 1946, Modern Jordan emerged the idea of issuing a national currency arose quickly. This gave birth to the Jordan Currency Board which became the sole authority entitled to issue Jordan coins and notes in the kingdom.

Jordan dinar became the country’s national currency from 1st July, 1950. Coins were issued in Jordan fils, Jordan dinars and Jordan piastres or quirsh. In 1949, coins of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 fils were issued. In 1996, smaller ¼ dinar coins were introduced alongside ½ and Jordan 1 dinar coins. All coins probably depict the bust of ruler on obverse and lattice design with value on reverse.

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