Indore- Princely State Coin Half Anna

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Obverse: Bust of the king facing slightly right in beaded circle, Devanagari Legends in outer circle: Shirimant Maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar Bahadur Indore.
Reverse: Date and Value in Devanagari within a wreath.
Disclaimer: The actual coin may have little variation in legend/date/mint

Issue Year: 1992 VS

Denomination: 1/2 Anna

Dynasty/Ruler: Yashwant Rao

Shape: Round

Metal: Copper

Mint: Indore

Product Code: MICMIPS00042-4
Note :
This product is developed and offered to notaphilists, numismatists and philatelists for collection purpose.
This image is for reference purpose only Condition may vary from Image.
The product over 100 years. Not to be sold overseas.
Serial number will vary from image.

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