Greeting Card with Currency Note of Your Birth Date

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It’s exciting to have the date, month and year of any special occasion of your life on a currency note. Here’s a beautiful greeting card mounted with an Indian currency note featuring any date you select as the serial number. Buy Mintage Birthday Card with Currency note of your Birth Date to cherish important dates of your lives

Product Specification: 11*21cm

Color: MultiColor

Product Code: MINBIC0001

Disclaimer : The value of Denomination is same as printed on the currency , additional cost is towards presentation and packaging.

Note : This product is developed and offered to notaphilists, numismatists and philatelists for collection purpose
25 Aug 2018

 26 september

 Sagar patil
24 Aug 2018

 160696 080194

 Abhay raj
9 Jul 2018

 I need currenvy note numbered 21/07/52

24 May 2018

 15 Aug 2001

29 Apr 2018

 Can I get a currency note with 28D 091291 number please

29 Apr 2018

 I need a currency note with number SD7 091291

16 Apr 2018

 I need a 100rupees note on 15/01/95..can I get

12 Apr 2018

 Happy birthday

11 Apr 2018

 i want a 10 rupees note with LETTER "y " and number"16041996"

10 Apr 2018

 Can I get a note with series TR 171190

17 Nov 2017


 N.Shiva Kumar
11 Oct 2017

 Nice and worthsome

30 Sep 2017

 I need this date

14 Sep 2017

 Very special

 Hemant Shivsharan
11 Aug 2017

 Good way to gift someone

 Madhasi vamai
8 Aug 2017


17 Jul 2017


 Dhamsaniya Dinesh
7 Jul 2017

 Nice job

 Gaurav Panchal
20 Jun 2017


8 Jun 2017


14 May 2017

 A gift for you

24 Apr 2017


 Kamesh ayyagari
11 Apr 2017


16 Mar 2017


3 Mar 2017


28 Feb 2017

 100 rs note

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