Gupta Dynasty Coin of Kumar Gupta - (Mahendraditya Legend)

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Description: Obverse: Bust facing right like kshatrapa coins with traces of Greek Letters. On left year (varshe) in Brahmi numeral denoting Gupta Era date
Reverse: Garuda facing front with outstretched wings, above on right a symbol with 7 dots, all within a border of dots. Legend in Brahmi 'Paramabhagavata maharajadhiraja shri kumaragupta mahendradityah' begins at 3 o'clock
Disclaimer: The actual coin may have little variation in legend/date/mint

Issue Year: 3rd to 6th century AD

Denomination: Drachms / Denaree

Dynasty/Ruler: Kumar Gupta I

Shape: Round

Metal: Silver

Product Code: MICAGUP40102
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