8 Tips for Budding Stamp Collectors

Collecting stamps is more than just a hobby for some. It’s an experience that helps you know different aspects that define a country. Through the study of stamps you can get a fair idea about a nation’s traditions, culture, wildlife, art, history and prominent personalities and many other things. So if you were to start collecting now, what’s the best way to do it?

First things first, start collecting!

They say, If you really want to do something, nothing can stop you! Yes the best way to start your collection is get up from your couch and head out to the nearest Post Office. Ask the post office officials to show you the latest stamps of your own country. Pick the ones that interest you the most and there you are, you’ve got something at least to boast about!

Don’t stop at simply collecting stamps

Once you have stamps with you, take a close look at it. Read up and learn more about the depictions illustrated on the stamps you’ve got. This way you are broadening your horizons and subconsciously becoming wiser. Talk about what you just learned from the stamps you’ve collected with your friends and share your knowledge with them.

Join online and offline communities

By collecting stamps you’re improving your chances of making some good friends. Get online, start asking your queries in communities. The best part of members of communities like these is that they are good hearted and always want to help fellow collectors on most occasions. You could also end up making a lot of pen friends from different countries and exchange stamps to add some foreign stamps to your collection. Attend offline seminars and gatherings that happen around your locality and find out what your peeps have with them.

Start slowly and then pick up pace

You don’t have to spend all that you have in the first shot itself. Take it slow, buy a few stamps first, look around for others who might have stamps that you like and start exchanging them. Don’t simply look at this as a possible investment but yes don’t lose an opportunity to make money if you find one.

Start a theme

Pick up a theme you like the most. It could be anything. Flowers, animals, filmstars, anything! The kick you get out of finding a stamp of your favourite theme is something else. Focus your energy in one area and become one of the most sought after collector in that area.

Don’t be complacent, keep your stamps safely

If you really love your collection, you wouldn’t want this tip really. Discipline is something that you need to inculcate if you are getting into this passionately. These days you will find the best kinds of albums, folders and pouches that will ensure that your stamps are safe from dust or moisture. Use professional perforation gauge, magnifying glass, tongs to up-the-league and tell the world that you’re serious about this, damn serious! This improves the life of your stamps and keeps them fresh like they were brand new.

Pick up stamps that are in their best condition

Ensure that stamps are not folded. If they come to you stuck on an envelope then safely take them off by first dipping them in warm water and put them on the blotter of paper towels face down. If you are buying a set of stamps, look for the top left corner or the bottom right corner ones, they might have a colour signal at the edge, indicating the colour scheme used on the stamp. These sets are more desirable among collectors.

Participate in live bidding and auctions

Keep an eye on the latest bids that happen worldwide. This way are not only updating yourself about the most sought after stamps in the world but are also getting to know the tricks of the trade. In this day and age when bidding happens online with just a few clicks, all you have to do is register on these portals and place your best bid on the stamps you have an eye on. But remember to not get too greedy and always look at adding value to your collection and not simply make some quick money!

So now that you’ve read all the tips, don’t wait for anything else. Start with the first tip, start collecting!

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