It's All About Ancient Money Honey! - Research Tells You Why

Coins were once collected by a select few, but today it has become one of the most promising businesses in the world. Experts believe that the market is driving itself as there are more sellers than buyers.

The results of recent auctions will give you a fair idea that coins are getting far better returns than earlier auctions. As per the Luxury Investment Index in Knight Frank’s recent Wealth Report, coins have become the second-highest-performing luxury asset up to the fourth quarter of 2015, mainly because of its appreciation value.

After the global financial crash in 2008, people were looking to invest in alternative assets that are tangible and not related to the stock market. Value of coins keeps going upwards as they are not linked to the share market.

Experts say that you can buy an ancient gold coin for double the bullion value, which has a greater intrinsic value because they are rare.

Reports also suggest that India is now one of the biggest markets as they are beginning to be interested in their own coins and see the investment potential.

Rare, flashy items like big gold coins are driving the top end of the market as they grab the headlines and British coins have a worldwide appeal. Collectors want the best examples that no one else has and are willing to pay a premium.

The character depicted on a coin often also increases its value as people consider coins as treasures because of its historical significance.

The internet gives easy access to information like catalogs, price tracking and live bidding, making online buying and selling extremely easy.

With sound statistical evidence like these, the future of coins looks bright indeed.

Don’t think; start collecting your favourite coins now!

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