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16 Nov 2016  Wed

And we are back with yet another part of this series!

Painting is an art which enables us to find and lose ourselves in it at the same time! It is such a beautiful depiction of complex human emotions, the nature and...

02 Nov 2016  Wed

So far we have seen the French masterpieces and a works of art from Vienna and Italy. Let’s continue with our tour and explore more of such beautiful paintings appearing on banknotes.

500,000 lire (Italy): A vibra...

28 Oct 2016  Fri

Going to the art galleries in the faraway lands cannot be feasible for all..but you can behold some of these beauties in your currency notes! Look for some the famous and beautiful paintings of the world that you may have in ...

25 Oct 2016  Tue

The wads of banknotes that you carry around and so often spend are miniature versions of art treasures! Have you ever noticed what beauties they depict? Though the banknote designs in themselves are a work of art, they also s...

Showing 1-4 of 4 News
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