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16 Feb 2016  Tue

Cherry trees don’t just bear the world’s most loved fruits, but also are lucky it seems. A Swiss fruit-and-vegetable farmer discovered a hoard of more than 4,000 bronze and silver coins collectively weighing 15 kg, dating...

30 Jan 2016  Sat

It was like Santa checked-in way too early, when Mark Copsey, 44 unearthed a hoard of 3,340 ancient and rare Roman coins accidently at a building site in Yeovil on March 20 2013. Sources claim that the coins could be worth as...

27 Nov 2015  Fri

A Hoard of 2000 years old 91 Roman coins dating back to Mark Antony is discovered in Welsh field, Britain. The approximate value can be in tens of thousands of pounds.

Two friends walking in a field stumbled upon ...

Showing 73-75 of 75 News
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