Remembering Hemu Kalani...

21 Jan 2019  Mon

Today on 21st Jan 1943 Hemu Kalani, a young revolution of age 19 was hung. He was a rare section of revolutionary that followed the path of both Mahatma Gandhi’s and Subhas Chandra Bose’s ideology of freedom struggle. Comparatively, he may be a pebble in the group of mountains of revolutionaries but his sacrifice for the liberation of his motherland gained him weight during his last days.

Kalani was born at Sukkar in Sind, present-day Pakistan, he was brave patriotic since childhood. At the age of seven, he used to lead the group of boys with Tri-colour in his hand. He used to plead for boycotting all foreign goods and use to take an active part in persuading people to use Swadeshi goods. Soon he was drawn to revolutionary activities.

Hemu Kalani was an untainted example of unflinching sacrifice and devotion to the motherland, his name is always remembered fondly while studying the history of Indian freedom struggle.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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