First Stamps of Haiti

28 Dec 2018  Fri

The first stamps of Haiti was issued by the French on 1st July 1881 which clearly how the French influence.

Haiti – officially the Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country that was under consequent domination of both Spanish and the French. However, the postal system was brought by the French and the first stamp of Haiti was issued in 1881.

The interaction of this small nation with French, German, British, Spanish, Dutch and American interests is reflected in its stamps and postal history. Likewise, the first stamps feature the head of Liberty which clearly French Influence.

A set of 6 stamps were issued with different colours and denominations ranging from 1 Haitian centime to 20 Haitian centimes. The stamps depict the left facing head of the Liberty with her head wrapped in a scarf. The head is surrounded by a circular vignette which is inscribed with the name of the country and has the denomination at the bottom.

Haiti gained independence in the year 1966 and began to issue its own stamps.

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