Silver Penny of Harold II to be Auctioned

24 Dec 2018  Mon

The New York Sale’s auction XLVI will take place on 9th January in New York City along with the New York International Numismatic Convention. The sale would be offering a silver penny struck at London Mint by moneyer Edwine at a starting bid of $3,000. It’s an interesting example of Harold II coinage which has a lot of historical significance.

The obverse features a text that translates to “Harold King of the English”. The reverse depicts the moneyer name Edwine of London along with the Latin PAX for “Peace”. The toned coin has a slightly weak strike on both sides around the profile design. According to the auction house, the coin is in Good Very Fine condition.

King Harold II reigned for a shorter time period than Edward VIII. Edward VIII had resigned and no coins were minted under his regime. Harold II coins depict the Peace type reverse. Some obverse designs feature the bust facing right while some obverse designs do not feature the scepter. There is a lot of demand for a type coin issued under King Harold. A 50-penny coin depicting Harold with an arrow in his eye like the Bayeux Tapestry was issued by the Royal Mint to mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 2016.

The victory by Duke of Normandy, William at the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066 led to the Norman Conquest of England. This was a turning point in the history of the British Isles leading to major political, administrative, and social changes. Harold Godwinson or Harold II’s reign began on 6th January 1066. He led the English forces during the war and his reign ended after the defeat. That’s the reason why Harold II coins are very rare today!

Image Courtesy: New York Sale’s auction XLVI

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