Feathers and Flight on stamps-II

25 May 2018  Fri

India is rich in all the aspects! Being the seventh largest country in the world, India has a variety of geographical zones with at least three biodiversity hotspots. It is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries and is host to a wide spectrum of flora and fauna.

Interestingly, India is home to nearly 12% of the world’s bird species with more than 1263 bird species in total, which is probably more than what is found in the whole of Europe! In an attempt to commemorate the bird species unique to India, India Post had issued a set of four stamps in 1975. Here they are:

Asian Black-headed Oriole: Asian Black-headed Oriole sometimes also referred to as Black-Hooded Oriole is mostly found in open forests or woodlands close to human settlements. Categorically golden-yellow with glossy black head and tips of wings, this bird survives on berries and fruits, especially the fig. It has a variety of loud melodious calls and sings in liquid fluty whistles. Breeding throughout the year, this little bird is found mostly in Asia. This little black-capped hero depicted on 50 paise stamp is much cosy around humans than our Indian Pitta!

Stay tuned for more. Till then Happy Collecting!

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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